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17 October 2007 @ 9pm


MySpace Platform – So What?

Somehow, I fail to see the importance of a MySpace platform just as I don’t really see the point of the Facebook platform.

Both are closed silos – and MySpace is a pretty ugly one, too. So you can write widgets for them. Great. I would rather spend my time writing a Netvibes widget that is cross-platform compatible (Vista, OSX, Netvibes, Opera, iGoogle).

And besides that, I still can’t figure out what the attraction of Facebook and MySpace is anyway. Makes me feel left out, but I just don’t get it.

But I guess my view is a bit schizophrenic, because when it comes to opening up the iPhone – now that is interesting to me, even though it is a closed silo, too. At least it is an interesting silo though (I can see why those who invested in developing web apps for it are a bit miffed, though). And at least the iPhone developers are adding functionality to a cool device. What’s the point of reading RSS feeds on Facebook anyway? Or rating whether people are hot or not?

Oh well, maybe one day I will get it…