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10 October 2007 @ 9am


Scoble’s Stats

Scoble just posted an image of his blog’s statistic. Interesting read. Looks like he gets a lot of traction from Techmeme, as well as a lot of hits from RSS subscribers and his Twitter followers.

I commend Scoble for being so open about these numbers. Too many bloggers treat them like a holy shrine that can only be seen by a few selected high priests with an admin password.

Why? My medieval history professor always told me I should have just kept my mouth shut and I would have looked smart. Same idea here. As long as nobody really knows how many readers we have, we can look influential, even when there are really just a few people or so reading our posts.

Following in Scoble’s footsteps, you can see the (measly) stats for this blog here, raw and unfiltered, for your voyeuristic pleasure (note that the spammers aren’t filtered out of this, so the numbers are inflated).


My blog's stats from 8:55 a.m. PT