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5 October 2007 @ 4pm


PayPerPost was working with TIVO?

(via Jason Calacanis’ Pownce updates)

WTF? Seems like I missed the ball on this one during the whole Techmeme ruckus yesterday.

Apparently PayPerPost had its “Posties” make fake, paid testimonials and spam YouTube with it.

God, how I hate PayPerPost. But how can respectable companies work with this scum?

Those testimonials are being pulled as we are speaking and TIVO has pulled the plug on the program. Zatznotfunny has the updates:

Pay Per Post has been a very controversial company from the start. Because they pay individuals to make fake user generated content, that are really covert advertisements for sponsors, the FTC has even expressed some concerns over the truth in advertising issues related to their service.

Now I don’t think that there is anything wrong with TiVo paying someone to make commercials for them, but there is something wrong with conning consumers into believing, that they are witnessing legitimate testimonials when in fact, it’s really just a shill that is being paid to tout the product. If TiVo were requiring these video bloggers to put Pay Per Post on every video, I wouldn’t even see this as controversial, but 5 of the 6 ads that I saw, carried no warnings.

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