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3 October 2007 @ 9pm


Who Will Replace Technorati?

Louis Gray has been on a roll lately, and today he is talking about “Who Can Build an Inverse Technorati.”

Here is what he is looking for:

1. Provide aggregate reports on how many internal and external links were created, and in how many posts, over a given period.
2. Provide a ranking of the most-frequently linked-to sites or pages in a given period.
3. Recognize links from blog posts, and could exclude both “sidebars” and “action” buttons, (i.e. for Digg, Ballhype, StumbleUpon, etc.)
4. Be able to display subsets of data, such as the ranking of most-frequently linked-to sites in which I had a specific tag (i.e. Sports, Technology, Media).
5. Show me which bloggers have similar sites in my “Top 10 Linked”, for example, which might indicate people who have similar interests, who I would undoubtedly want to read.

Technorati has been stumbling during the last year, with relatively useless products that have taken away from the core search and ranking functions (which haven’t been the most stable, either).

My first thought when reading Louis’ post was the if anybody, Technorati could built this itself. They already have most of the infrastructure in place. Technorati already has all the data necessary.

Scoble, I would guess, would argue that the whole idea of ranking in the blogosphere is pretty stupid anyway. But we all like to compare our efforts again others.

Are links the only way we can do that? No.

There are lots of other ways to gauge our influence (do any of the memes we hatch get picked up by others? How much attention are our readers giving us? etc.).

Links, however, are, if anything, a good indicator of a blog’s influence. Does it become a circlejerk? Sure – just look at Techmeme.

But I like Louis’ idea. Technorati can built it. Gabe Rivera can. Google could do it (just think of all the data they have through Google Reader!). Until then, though, we have Techmeme, Tailrank, Technorati, Sphere and god knows how many others… imperfect, but the best we have right now.

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