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24 September 2007 @ 9am


Is FeedHub Useful?

Scoble just wrote an interesting piece on FeedHub, which is basically a personalized TechMeme, based upon analyzing and recommending items from your OPML file.

Scoble is critical about how well it works for him:

One problem: for me it doesn’t work. It doesn’t pick the stuff I’d really like to read from my feeds. Almost none of the items match my link blog, for instance.

Now, keep in mind that you’re not supposed to judge FeedHub by its first results. You’re supposed to train it. By using the feed items and clicking on the ones you like, and voting up certain topics, over time it will start bringing you a lot more stuff that matches your interests.

My thoughts on this:

This isn’t a threat to TechMeme. Services like FeedHub are great for discovering new blogs and topics, while TechMeme shows me what the current memes in the blogosphere are. TechMeme is general – FeedHub is specialized. There is a place for both of them.

As of now, though, FeedHub has yet to return a feed to me…

Another interesting question Scoble asks is what they do with our attention data? I have no idea, but given that this is the age of Web 2.0, I would guess they want to use it to target ads…

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