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11 September 2007 @ 6pm


Google’s Activity Streams / Mocha Mocha / Makamaka

There might be hope for those of us who just don’t like using facebook. Google, it seems, might be looking into trying to tie together various applications into an RSS feed reminiscent of Facebook’s feed.

Google’s recent big social effort is called Mocha-Mocha (or Mocka-Mocka?), and will become the infrastructure for all social stuff across all of their applications. As a part of this, a new feature called Activity Streams will be introduced or at least implemented in Reader this quarter. This will be comparable to Facebook’s News Feed (Minifeed?) feature, and integrate Gmail’s addressbook and contact list.

I like Mathew Ingram’s take on this:

It’s ironic that Facebook’s unified feed, which caused so much consternation when it was first released, is a huge part of what makes the site so sticky — being able to see what all of your contacts are up to in a single glance is very addictive. Google has a bunch of useful apps like Gmail and Reader and so on, but they aren’t tied together very well.

As I have said before, I don’t use facebook because its a walled garden where all my info goes in and nothing comes out.

However, I live in Google’s apps. My Google Reader subscriptions come pretty close to representing the people I interact with on the net (though not those I interact with in ‘real life’).

This Google Stream/Makamaka/Mocha application could be pretty useful in tying everything I do on the web together. Photos on Picasaweb, chat on GTalk, Feeds on Google Reader…

Wow – maybe more than anything else, it is rather frightening how much I have come to rely on Google… maybe I should check out facebook after all.

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