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21 August 2007 @ 1pm


Walmart is Selling DRM-Free Music

(Via Ars Technica) Walmart is now selling DRM free mp3s from EMI and Universal for 94 cents. Of course, you have to use the Internet Explorer to actually use the service, but still.

The songs are encode with 256kBit/s. According to Walmart, the catalog features a few hundred-thousand DRM free songs at this point.

Good news for the five people who buy there music there. The real news, however, is that the pressure on iTunes is growing. While Apple has been able to control the market through its seamless integration of hardware and software, a growing number of people will now be exposed to other retailers.

Also, while Apple holds a virtual monopoly on digital music sales in the US, Apple doesn’t have anywhere near this market share in the rest of the world.

More info on this here: Financial Times,, WebProNews, InfoWorld, Mashable! and Future Now’s GrokDotCom