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12 July 2007 @ 8am


Does Facebook Advertising Work?

The minor battle of the morning today is about a post by Luke on the Reach Students blog. According to his experience, flyer ads campaigns on Facebook get an abysmally bad 0.04% clickthrough rate:

We’ve run four targeted campaigns this year using its flyer ads, and each time the results have been disappointing.

Our most recent campaign saw 1.4 million page impressions delivered at specific universities – and only a 0.04% clickthrough rate. Ouch.

Guess what – most users on Facebook don’t give a carp about your advertising. They are on facebook because of their friends, not because of your hyper-targeted advertising campaign. They are looking to hook up with the cute girl in the dorm next door, not with your product. If you get 0.04% clickthroughs, be happy.

This generation is great at ignoring your commercial messages. Get used to it.

John Furrier  of PodTech, on the other hand, says that things just need to evolve and that great Facebook ad campaigns still have to be born.

I, of course, have always been a bit sceptical about Facebook. I wonder if a great ad campaign on Facebook will be developed before all users have moved on to the next big thing.  

(and yes, I am aware of the irony of me saying this, given that I run advertising on this site – but hey, the host wants money after all)