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22 June 2007 @ 11am


Digg’s User’s vs. Digg’s Comment System

Digg logoDigg just updated its comment system and it is bad. Very bad. It’s is slow and not very pleasing on the eye. Daniel Burka has a good post up explaining Digg’s decision making process from the inside perspective.

Right now, the number one and two digg story of the last 24 hours are negative stories about the new comment system with about 5000 and 3000 votes each.

There is some talk about this being a new digg revolt (see Lost Remote and Mashable!) but I am not sure if this is really a widespread feeling with diggers.

The comment system on Digg used to only allow one extra level of depth. One might argue that that was already more depth of thought than a lot of diggers could handle, but there were a lot of complains about it. The new system allows for four levels.

I fully agree with what Jeff on is saying about the world of online commenting in general:

The online discussion has not really evolved all that much in ten years. I wonder now what imagination will lead us to.

That, I think, is the crux of the problem. Maybe it is time to shake things up a little bit, but not on digg, as that might send diggers fleeing to reddit in no time – and I like my reddit and its comment system a lot more than digg these days (though there is a certain diggification of reddit going on already).

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