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5 May 2007 @ 2pm


PostieCon Postponed – Scoble Staying Home

Scoble yesterday announced that he won’t be talking at PostieCon.

So, PostieCon (a conference sponsored by PayPerPost) was among the most controversial things I’ve ever done. People really hated that I was speaking there. I got constant crap from my friends and foes alike because of my decision to speak there.

But, it turned out they didn’t have enough attendees so they postponed it to November. They asked me to keynote their conference in November. But I declined due to the arrival of our impending arrival of our new son. I’m turning down nearly everything after Gnomedex in August.

Good for Scoble – his only honorable way out of this was to either cancel or to kick PayPerPost in the behind in his talk — everything else would have been a problem for his reputation. This makes the decision easy for him.

What really makes me happy, though, is that the whole thing was postponed because there weren’t enough attendees. Makes sense – the Posties aren’t the type to go and hang out at conferences about blogging and real bloggers (PayPerPost always insisted this wasn’t just a conference for Posties…) would never go anywhere near anything organized by PPP.

I am sure Jason Calacanis is having a good time with this as well.