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4 May 2007 @ 1am


Totally OT: Gray’s Anatomy Sucks Tonight

I don’t usually watch TV on the TV anymore, but my wife does, so I was sitting there tonight, watching Gray’s Anatomy. I usually liked the show, but today’s episode just sucks so badly, I walked away from it in the middle.

There is just no compelling storyline (besides some rather trashy who-slept-with-who BS).

The writers are preparing for a spin-off show and so in the middle of the season we get introduced to twenty new characters we really don’t give a crap about. Instead of pushing interesting storylines further, it seems the writers gave in to some commerical pressure and threw everything that was good about the show overboard.

And then they stretch this crap out for two hours?

If you treat your audience like this, you shouldn’t be surprised if half of it doesn’t come back next week.

/end of useless rant

/the typical tech content will resume tomorrow

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