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3 May 2007 @ 3pm


45% of Europeans Watch TV Online? No Way.

Techcrunch today reports on a study from Motorola saying that 45% of Europeans no watch TV online.

A new study from Motorola has found that an amazing 45% of Europeans now watch television online.

The survey covering the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain found that the French lead Europe in terms of online television consumption with 59% of people choosing to watch previews and episodes of their favorite shows via the web with the Germans trailing at 33%.

The commenters on TechCrunch are skeptical, and so am I. I spend a month or two in Europe every year. Europeans might text a lot more on their cell-phones than Americans, but they sure don’t watch TV online.

Mark Evans is pretty skeptical as well:

There’s lots of buzz within the blogosphere today about an “independent” study by Motorola that 45% of European now watch TV online. First, there’s no such thing as a truly independent study from a company that happens to supply equipment to watch TV online. Second, the “study” isn’t focused on the European population but 2,500 broadband users in the U.K., France, Germany, Italy and Spain. I guess Europeans and/or broadband users in Belgium, Scandanavia, Holland and Eastern Europe don’t count.

So a biased survey of broadband users only (see the BBC article on this for confirmation) comes to the conclusion that those users are using their broadband connection. Not a bad conclusion. But that doesn’t mean that those people are representative of Europe as a whole.

Sure there is growth in the online TV market – no doubt about it, but an article like this is going to have a lot of Europeans scratch their heads and wonder how out of the mainstream they are when they are watching TV on their TVs…

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