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2 May 2007 @ 12am


Digg HD-DVD Story Blowing Up in the Blogosphere

Wow – not only is every frontpage story on digg about the HD-DVD encryption code again (with the code featured inside of every single post right now), but the story has taken over Techmeme as well.

Matthew Ingram is asking the right question, I think:

Just another weed in the garden of social media? Perhaps. A test of what the term “Digg community” means, definitely.

There has always been some tension between those who post videos on YouTube that ‘defy’ copyright and Google/YouTube. I think this is a similar situation.

How much control do the users really have over a social media site? How democratic can the process be when the profits of the site are endangered by the content the users publish? As more and more companies start deploying social networks, those questions will rise up again and again.

The digg community is speaking loudly – let’s see what the Digg ownership will do to mitigate the damages.

(oh, and Matthew, thanks for the link, but this ain’t the Lost Remote :)

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