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1 May 2007 @ 10pm


SplashCast Highjacks RSS Feeds

SplashcastYou would guess people had learned from the Podshow feed highjacking fiasco from last year, but it looks like SplashCast is doing the same thing.

Todd Cochrane was the first to point this out:

At the time of this posting If you looked at my splashcast aggregated show profile here then look at the RSS button on the profiles you will see that it links to this this is where they totally lost their way and they need to fix this immediately, so that it links to All of the buttons on that page have the hijacked feed linked to all of those external subscription services.

Sorry but I am not going to stand for that crap. This needs to be switched like yesterday, and if they are going to offer up my feed they need to use my “original” RSS feed and not one that they can use to drive traffic away from my site and skew my stats.

Marshall Kirkpatrick reponds, saying that:

“We’ve got attribution but will improve it, we’ll be talking to Feedburner to report subscribers just like every other aggregator does and (this is a big one) we’ll be rolling out the ability to claim your feed like Technorati lets bloggers claim”

And the RSS Blog is just as confused as the rest of us

I fully agree with Todd, that is just not acceptable. If SplashCast is republishing RSS feeds, then that has to stop immediately. If there is one thing the podcasting community doesn’t take lightly it is RSS highjacking. Any podcasting venture is seen as a postive in the community, I think, but if there is one thing that can kill that positive energy and turn it into hate, it is RSS highjacking.

This is not about reporting to Feedburner or claiming feeds on Technorati, this is about the integrity of our products. Podcasters want to be in charge of their feeds – over. It is what connects us with our subscribers.

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