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29 April 2007 @ 8pm


Podshow on Sirius No More

Looks like Podshow and Sirius have split.

I say: Big deal. Paul Colligan here has some interesting ideas, though I am not sure I fully agree:

We’ll never know the numbers but I’d bet good cash that Podshow on Sirius sold more satellite radios to Podcasters than Sirius knows. People always support what they help create and now that “us Podcasters” are no longer part of the ever-less-important satellite radio scene, I see their numbers further flushing down the toilet.

I read some bitterness in this, but I have to think that Sirius is not in the business of selling a few hundred radios to podcasters. Their business is a bit bigger than that. Podcasting maybe wasn’t such a big draw for Sirius listeners…

I wonder what the hard data on this is. Maybe nobody listened to the podcast channel?

Podshow, I am sure, doesn’t really care much either, but the podcasters who were on Sirius do. And it looks as if Podshow was anything but forthcoming in communicating these developments to podcasters. Mark from Tartan Stories sums this part of the story up nicely:

Being on satellite radio, the Howard Stern appeal, was a big draw for several podcasters to Podshow.

Sadly it looks like Podshow infamous communication constipation is still being endured by it’s producers, evidenced from this post. The podcaster later issued an update where he says he’ll reveal the reasons, delivered to him by Podshow, for the split.

I am sure Adam Curry will come out and say it was all a misunderstanding. That there is stuff he can’t talk about. They podshow will find better ways of doing things in the future. And hell, it’s all experimentation anyway… they make it up as they go along – with 70 employees…

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