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24 April 2007 @ 9pm


Hold the Press: People Say F*(k on Their Blogs

Thanks to Scansafe’s Monthly Global Threat Report for March (link is to the pdf file for February which doesn’t mention blogs), we now know that almost 80% of blog content on the net is “offensive.” According to the article about this on PC World:

The Internet’s blog sites have become overgrown with a variety of npleasant content, including porn, offensive language, hate posting, and malware, a new threat analysis has suggested.

This whole argument would make a lot more sense to me, if this were compared to the net as a whole. Why are blogs singled out here? Linkbait?

Scansafe of course
is “The World’s LEading Provider of Web Security-as-a-Service,” so maybe we shouldn’t be suprised if they point out that there is some malware being peddled on blogs (I have never seen any, but according to them, 6% of blogs feature malware).

Of course, like any good media report today, PCWorld starts with the sensation, just to retract it at the end of the article, after 90% of readers have already stopped reading:

The figures look sensational, but overstate the seriousness of the ontent on many of these blog sites. As the company admits, a single wear word doesn’t in itself mean the site is a problem. What is does ndicate is the extent to which the Internet has become a channel for hat Nadir suggested might be a long tail of minority interests that ncompass interests others would deem ‘offensive”. Companies needed to e aware of the issue, however.

If that is the case, then maybe 80% of all blogs are not offensive? And since when is swearing a minority interest, by the way? Fisting, scat porn and bestiality, now that’s a minority interest…

Update: For another take on this, Jordan McCollum from Marketing Pilgrim’s opinion on this can be found here.

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