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4 April 2007 @ 11am


Beating a Dead Flock?

Flock: The Social Web Browser.

The announcement of The Coop, a number of social feature to be built into the Firefox browser by the Mozilla Project itself, has lots of pundits considering the ramifications for the Flock browser, which has been trying to built something very similar for a long time now.

Flock was started with great hope, but even though its user base has increased over time, it never gained any mainstream traction. It was always a good browser, but it was never so much better than Firefox with some good extensions to make the switch worthwhile. It has a good blogging plugin, but Scribefire is better, you can upload pictures to flickr directly, but there are better plugins for that as well.

I have continually installed the various iterations of Flock, and it is a good, solid browser. To make it in the market, though, it has to be much better than Firefox to succeed. Not that the two are treading on each other’s turf, Flock will probably slowly but surely lose users and eventually just shut down as a project.

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