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3 April 2007 @ 11am


ABC’s New Player

I thought about posting on this a week ago or so, but got caught up in some A-list or PayPerPost discussion instead. Reading Scoble’s post on this reminded me that I was going to write about this. Here is Scoble’s take:

Boy, does this rock! It’s sharp and clear — does full-screen video.
Lost is stunningly beautiful on it. Only downside is you gotta download
a player from Move Networks.

ABC’s new video player is indeed very, very good. I think I have watched two episodes on Lost on it so far, so it must have been out for at least two weeks now. The video is advertised as very clear and it sure as hell is. This is the way video on the web was meant to look like – clear and sharp. Before, even the biggest setting on the flash player wasn’t very big – it filled up maybe a good quarter of my 1280×800 screen. This new format is fullscreen and looks gorgeous.

A 40 minute show is interrupted four or five times for a thirty second commerical, which really isn’t that bad – often there is even an option to turn the sound off on these or stop the video – after 30 second, you just click a button on you are back on a deserted island in the Pacific (or wherever Lost really takes place).

Maybe I am the only one plagued by this, but if I have one problem with the ABC player, it is that my connection tends to drop out randomly. Anybody else have this problem?

David Carnoy as some more in-depth coverage over on Webware.

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