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17 March 2007 @ 3pm


Blue Collar Bloggers?

Blue Collar and BeyondSeems the old A-list discussion is flaming up again. Jason Calacanis published a great rant today about it and its relation to the PPP discussion:

The PayPerIdiots are trying to make their DECEPTIVE service into a class war–so, so obvious guys. There is a reason why you guys came up with such a dumb service, and your arguments prove exactly how unintelligent you are. It’s ***not*** a class war, it’s an ***integrity*** war. If you want to have no integrity do covert marketing with PayPerPost, if you want to have integrity don’t–but let’s not make this about the “haves and have nots”–that’s just dumb.

All of this is coming in response to an article on DeepJive Interests on “blue collar bloggers” about those poor souls who have to sell their souls to PayPerPost to make a living. According to DJI,

They’re not out their writing and contributing so that they can look smart and feel good about themselves when they get dugg. They’re out there writing and blogging to make a few sheckels for themselves and their families. Some are stay at home moms. Others are students. Others are individuals who are just trying to make a few ends meet. Others are just curious.

Honestly, I think that’s a stupid argument. If you want to make some money, blogging is not the way to go. There are far easier and faster ways to make a buck. If you want to blog, by all means do it, but blog because you think you have something interesting to say. Don’t blog because you think you will get rich. Selling your integrity to PayPerPost might make you a few bucks a month, but if you blog passionately about a topic that interests you (not one you get paid to blog about), you will not only be happier, but also far more successful.

Lorelle says:

Still, it’s not often the blue collar bloggers get recognized. They deserve tons of credit. Well done!

Update: looks like I took Lorelle’s comment out of  context – see this post in the comment section.

Sorry, but if you use PPP, you don’t deserve credit. You deserve a spanking.

This is not a class war – this is all about integrity. It is not even about money – you can make money without being a ‘postie’ (God, how I hate that word). I use AdSense here – covers my server costs – so I am not against making a few bucks from blogging. But don’t sell your soul to PPP to do so!

Calacanis says, if you work hard, you will make it. I second that – and that comes from somebody who hasn’t made it yet.

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