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14 February 2007 @ 3pm


New Ubuntu Will Not Have a 3D Interface

Beryl is beautiful. Ever since switching to Ubuntu and getting it installed (not easy for those without some knowledge of linux, but not too hard when following a good guide), I have loved Beryl’s 3D interface.

It can be glitzy and a bit too much at time (how often do I really have to see a window burn (with smoke and all) when closing it?), but overall, its a pleasant interface and I just love the fluidity off it all.

However, the newest version of Ubuntu will not have Beryl installed by default. The Ubuntu Technical Board decided this yesterday.

I think its a shame, but given how easy it is to install it, I am sure lots and lots of people will try this out. Mostly, though, I think its a shame because Beryl puts Windows Vista to shame. To get more people to drop Windows and at least try Vista, it will take some glitz to convince people.

Maybe next time…

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