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13 February 2007 @ 8pm


Can We Keep Up?

Scoble is asking how we can keep up with the constant flow of information? My answer is simple: don’t bother.

We need filters and with that I don’t mean editors at local news stations, but a technical solution that can scour the web for us and return interesting results. Touchstone is doing some interesting stuff (now in beta) with filtering and so are a number of other services. Also, instead of trying to read every post, I hit Techmeme first, and then maybe Megite and Tailrank to see what the rest of the world was talking about while I did other things.

In the end though, maybe the easist solution is to just give in to the river of news view Dave Winer champions and just be thankful that the Google Reader only tells you that your have more than 100+ feeds unread instead of a real number. Psychologically, I don’t think we are able to handle the information overload we submit ourselves to. Unless you are a professional info gatherer, just don’t bother. Good stuff is going to float to the top one way or another.

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