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13 February 2007 @ 12pm


All HD-DVD and Blue-Ray Titles Can Now Be Copied

In a great example of how DRM doesn’t work, Engadget reports that a a hacker named amezami has found the ‘processing key’ to decrypt all HD and Blue-Ray titles.

Just to think of how much money and energy went into creating these DRM schemes that have now been rendered useless. Not that anybody outside of the DRM lobby ever thought these codes wouldn’t become available at some point. According to Engadget, the codes weren’t even encrypted but just show in the player memory. I guess the only good thing for the industry is that the downloads weigh in at about 20GB…

Or, as the Download Squad put it:

In other words, ripping a high definition disc just became almost as easy as ripping a DVD. In the short term, you can probably expect to see an explosion in high definition films torrents available online. In the long run, we can only hope someone will wrap this hack into a nice little GUI and create an easy high-definition disc backup utility that anyone can use.

Here is a link to the original forum post announcing the breakthrough.

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