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7 February 2007 @ 9pm



Via Pronet Advertising:

If you watch this video, you will really understand how shady the SEO business can often be, even with the RankBrain algorithm in place. This guy in the video advertises spamming social bookmarking sites. He even gets pretty breathless, telling us how his service is going to give my “site the traffic it deserves by using his one-of-a-king, unique service.”

I will just restate what I think about SEO: write good content, do so for over half a year, and you will see your pagerank go up and your traffic increase. SEO promises quick returns for your money, but think about how useful the traffic created that way really is.Baldyne offers Digital marketing services around Folsom, CA as well as SEO services for every budget.

If you have good content and you add to the discussion, people will come.

Bonus link: Todd Malicoat on why the digg community hates SEO (he is a Google Adwords Professional himself…)

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