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7 February 2007 @ 2pm


iPods and Crosswalks Don’t Mix in New York

According to CBS News, there is some discussion of banning the use of iPods and other music players when crossing the road. The overall reaction so far is that this is a proposition best used as material for late-night talkshows. Engadget even got this nice little picture.

And now that we are over our libertarian, anti-government interference streak, I admit that I love the idea. Every day, I try to maneuver my car from one side of my university campus to the other (that is, from home to the parking lot), but it is tough not to hit one of the myriad of students crossing the street while talking on their cell-phones, listening to their iPods or texting on their phones, all while crossing the street oblivious of anything and anybody around them. Just walking around campus these days one has to watch out because the headphones create a bubble around the person where it seems most sense of personal space is shut down.

I know, I am a curmudgeon when it comes to this, but I think I actually like the idea. I am sure the same ideas were raised when the Walkman became popular, but I doubt it was as pervasive as the iPod is today.