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1 February 2007 @ 5pm


Every Day Is A PayPerPost Day

What day could be a better day in the blogosphere than a day where PayPerPost gets more negative news than Microsoft. Today’s target is the horrible ‘Rock Startup’ web documentary/soap around the most despicable startup in the Web 2.0 world.

ValleyWag is on it, after Jeff Jarvis’ “Pray Per Post” item this morning about running into the PPP CEO after a talk he gave where he heavily criticized the company and after seeing that PPP is trying to sell its Rock Startup concept to TV stations.

One can really only wonder what these guys were thinking. But then I think, they weren’t thinking about the blogosphere. Indeed, they don’t give s&^t about the blogosphere. That’s what we commentators keep forgetting. Their users (Posties as they like to be called) are usually people with a low technical knowledge who don’t read TechMeme. Their advertisers, too, are not interested in the blogosphere, as they tend to be small companies (with a few exceptions) who need some cheap SEO on the side.

Jason Calacanis thinks PayPerPost is a train wreck coming off the rails. I can only hope so.

Update: If you would like to read the thoughtful opinion of somebody whose opinion is not as clouded by hatred for PPP, have a look at this post on Webomatica. I think we have a smiliar view, though I don’t see PPP as a benevolent agent:

I’m thinking PayPerPost possibly has an angle on a large demographic – folks to whom the words “get paid to blog about the things you love” sound like an awesome celebration of American capitalism and living the American dream. I get the feeling Home Shopping Network, Extreme Home Makeover, and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire appeal to that demographic, as well. I mean, there are folks that think commercials are just another form of entertainment.

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