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30 January 2007 @ 11am


Vista Launches – and I Don’t Care

Apparently Vista launched today. No, I didn’t live in a cave for the last year and I know that eventually, I will be using vista just like everybody else. But for now, I don’t care.

Chris Pirillo points out that the TV commericals are beyond bad, and I can only agree with that, but, according to the Times, this is part of a 500.000.000$ campaign. Apparently, Microsoft bought an hour on Comedy Central to espouse the beauty of Vista. I guess the “Wow” is  indeed now…

Update: According to Nial Kennedy’s experience of attending the launch event in San Francisco, not a lot of people are wowed…

So what have I done to celebrate the Vista launch? I have installed Ubuntu on my laptop and I am loving it. The only thing I miss here in open-source land is Office 2007. That would have made my world complete. Now if the good people at Crossover can just get Word 2007 to work in Linux, I will decamp XP to Ubuntu full-time.

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