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30 January 2007 @ 9pm


And Snap – It’s Gone

After reading the comments on digg and this post on performancing, I decided that the snap preview plugin wasn’t worth my readers’ time anymore (Am I the only one who remembers the awful 80s band called ‘Snap’? Their hit song was “The Power”).

Nick Wilson offers some very reasonable arguments besides the fact that the pop-ups are irritating. I think the third one is the most important:

I trust you: No, really I do! Im at your blog, despite like everyone else being really busy, im at your blog! I just want to follow the fucking link ok? Dont crowd me like some over-eager second hand car salesman trying to sell me a dodgy link, just let me see that its a link, read the anchor text and decide if I want to click it. I dont care what the bloody site looks like, if you’re linking to it, that’s good enough for me — really, get out of my face.

There you have it. If there is anybody out there who would prefer to get them back, just leave me a note, but until I hear from someone, they are gone.

Looks likeScoble took it down as welll. Now TechCrunch is next.

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