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28 January 2007 @ 1pm


What is Engadget

In the context of the Scoble scandal (I am a sucker for alliterations), Mike Arrington says:

Engadget is no longer really a blog.
They still look like a blog, but they’re bigger than a lot of mainstream media businesses. And Robert is asking them which direction they are planning on going now that they’re so big. Will they remain part of the blogging community, or adopt the stand alone silo habits of old media.

And that’s exactly the question to ask. The mainstream doesn’t link outside of its own realm, but that’s really no surprise. But as I said earlier, the problem also hints at larger issues and I think it comes down to the publics opinion of blogs in general – we just regurgitate the news after all – so when somebody breaks the news, it goes unnoticed because it is not expected.

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