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28 January 2007 @ 8pm


Last Scoble Post of the Day – Should A-Listers Link Here?

Damn yeah – but then Scoble linked to me twice yesterday, so I can’t exactly complain…

With regards to where A-listers should link: I think the general policy for any blogger should be to link to anything of interested to the blogger and his/her audience, no matter if the item is in a MSM publication or another blog. But, as Steven Hodson says, we should at least give some credit to the blogger that pointed us to the MSM item.

Of course, there is a problem is getting noticed by A-listers, because it’s really, really tough for any blogger to keep pace with what’s happening, and memetrackers such as Techmeme, Megite, and Tailrank are, by design, elitist and foster a focus on the microcosm of the A-listers and, in terms, leads to a lot of self-referentiality among A-listers.

As Sue Polinsky points out, getting linked to (and who does and doesn’t link to you) is a big deal to a lot of bloggers. What’s the fun to talking to yourself after all?

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