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27 January 2007 @ 5pm


Storm in Scoble Land

While I have been critical of Scoble many a time (such as when he became a political blogger during the Edwards announcements), he just linked to me in a post about how the big gadget sites did not link to his post and video on visiting Intel, even though the Intel 45nm press release is all over the web today.

There are some interesting implications here. Scoble’s video is maybe the most in-depth coverage of the Intel announcement today, yet Engadet and Gizmodo ignored it and the Times, of course, doesn’t link to blogs unless it is absolutely necessary.

I think, part of what we are seeing here is a backlash against blogs, and especially the large number of blogs that does nothing but repeat information without adding any value for the reader whatsoever. I am not saying Scoble does that – the opposite is true and his Intel post is a good example of this. But just have a look at any post on Digg that links to a blog – there is an almost visceral reaction against blogs amongst the diggers (“blogspam” is what they call it).

For us small bloggers, we have no property to protect and we link the hell out of every post in the hope of getting a link back here and there and maybe gain a reader or two. But, we need to make sure that we add something to the conversation, otherwise, what function do we fulfill?

Sadly, the discussion on Scoble’s blog is going to become a shouting match now,  but I for my part appreciate Soble’s efforts, no matter whether Engadget or Gizmodo link to them.

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