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23 January 2007 @ 1am


Digg vs Reddit

mytimes.PNGI am pretty agnostic when it comes to preferring Digg over Reddit. I read Digg for the tech news and Reddit to see what else is interesting, but Steve Olson brings up a good point (among several):

About a year ago, I loved Digg. But today it is becoming increasingly sanitized. As certain groups become more and more organized, Digg could become a site where nothing controversial ever makes the front page.
The Liberals cancel the Conservatives, the Conservatives cancel the Liberals, the atheists cancel the religious, the religious cancel the atheists, and the only content that makes the home page is content everyone likes or content that doesn’t provoke emotion in anyone.

The power of being able to digg article down because they are lame is maybe a bit too much to handle for the teens that mostly occupy these sites. A lot of stuff is lame when you are 15…

  More and more, though, I find that I don’t read the comments on Digg anymore. The arguments repeat themselves in every post (Apple sucks, why is this on the frontpage?, why do you ask? etc.). Wouldn’t it be great if there were a digg for grownups? My issue with a lot of the social media landscape these days is that it is driven by teens – and I am not a teen anymore. So these people are not my peers. Their interests are often not mine. Where can I go?

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