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28 December 2006 @ 12pm


Why have Scobel Cover Politics?

I really don’t get why Scoble is going to cover the Edward’s campaign. Apparently this is paid for by PodTech – but why? Edwards, besides not getting nominated anyway, is a marginal figure at best and a completely useless item to carry on a tech show. Basically, Scoble is wasting his time, or worse, he is getting sucked into the dark political underbelly of America and will never find his way back home to Maryam.

Scoble has no expertise in doing anything political – he is going to be so easily manipulated by the machinery, it won’t be funny.

Michael Gartenberg
has some more wisdom to offer on this:

One this is for sure in the next election. The biggest mistake a candidate can make is going to be underestimating the influence and power of bloggers. The second biggest mistake will be those who
overestimate what they bring to the table. :) There’s a fine line here and it’s going to be an art on how candidates can make best use of blogs and bloggers.

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