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28 December 2006 @ 12pm


Predictions for 2007

It’s that time of the year – so without further ado, here are my predictions for 2007:

  • users will recongnize that MySpace sucks and will either move over to facebook (not much better, but better), or find something else to waste their time on
  • mobile social networks will be a no-show
    • why? cause nobody really cares and mobile phones will still not have a good enough interface to make this interesting
  • PayPerPost will get sued into oblivion
    • this might be wishful thinking, but given that Hewlett-Packard now advertises with PPP, there is hope that a major scandal will reupt and take this decrepit thing down
  • widgets will remain a niche
    • really, who cares about widgets enough and how do you sell advertising in a widget?
  • firefox will gain more and more marketshare
    • that’s an easy one so I can be right on at least one of these
  • people will be suprised by how good Vista and Office 2007 really are
    • especially Office 2007 is going to blow people away once they see it in action
  • Web 2.0 will remain a niche
    • hell, the mainstream never learned how to set the clock on that VCR they replaced with the DVD player last year
    • online-office suites will not be a major factor next year
  • we might finally see some more IM interoperability
    • might be wishful thinking as well, but a man can hope (even if I never use IM anyway, so I don’t really care)
  • Apple will saturate its market
    • how many iPods can Apple sell? from this point on, it is going to be replacements
    • yes, there will be a true video iPod – but most people won’t care, cause they don’t watch video on the thing anyway

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