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28 December 2006 @ 12pm


PayPerPost to Buy Performancing?

Michael Arrington reports that PayPerPost is about to announce the acquisition of blog tools and services company Performancing (they just started their own ad network, by the way).

Update: the deal has been announced:

“PayPerPost is committed to furthering the development of a strong and viable professional blogging community. Performancing has created several very innovative services that help bloggers become more successful in their work,” said Ted Murphy, chief executive officer of PayPerPost. “We believe this acquisition not only helps marketers and bloggers, but also solidifies PayPerPost as the premier destination for those who make their career in weblog publishing.”

I had to make a quick run to the bathroom to stop myself from throwing up after reading that… It’s a sad day. While I was somewhat disgusted by the money-grubbing attitude on the Performancing site and forum, it seemed like a good, healthy community. Now the dark venom of PayPerPost will run through it. Very sad. Looks like I will uninstall my Performancing blogging plugin soon. Arrington assumes that the purpose of the acquisition is to get access to the 28.000 bloggers registered with Performancing. If that is the case, I can only hope it will backfire. I can only hope that most bloggers will not want to be associated with PayPerPost – ever.

Another Update: Looks like my sentiments are generally shared among the blogosphere: View from the Isle, ClickZ, Download Squad, John Chow dot Com,, The Blogging Times, Digital Inspiration, Online Marketing Blog, Deep Jive Interests, 10e20, ALLIED, AdMoolah News and Views, Bloggers Blog, Geek News Central and ProBlogger Blog Tips

I liked a lot of what Tony from Deep jive Interests had to say about this, but I still disagree that PPP has now gained more legitimacy or that the PPP debate is so yesterday – it is not. The purity of the blogging world is still very much in play.

Here is Tony’s take:

Yes, with advertisers now having the mechanism to manipulate what bloggers say as part of the blogospheric reality, it seems like PPP has taken the next step past the PPP debate. The purchase of will allow PayPerPost to bring even more legitimacy to itself by bringing some traditional advertising mechanisms, advertisers, and bloggers into the fray — both as a new way to grow itself as an advertising marketplace, AND a way to evangelize the concept of pay-per-buzz by blogging.

If anything, the Microsoft laptop debacle today has proven that pay-per-buzz is pretty much dead on arrival.