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6 December 2006 @ 11pm


Apple – Tivo – Not Going to Happen

There has been quite some chatter today about a possible cooperation between Apple and TiVo on the iTv appliance that Apple will probably launch in January.

My question is: why? Why does Apple need TiVo? What is that great technology that TiVo has that Apple can’t create in-house? Even though Apple has co-branded the Nike+iPod, that was a way to get into a non-tech niche that Apple was not represented in. Otherwise, it doesn’t seem like Apple to work together with other brands, as it would only dilute the apple brand.

The only reason why the two would work together I can see is that TiVo sits on a number of patents and Apple would have to license something from TiVo – I would not call that a cooperation between the two, though.
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