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25 September 2006 @ 5pm


Daily Source Code Losing Listeners?

Phil Morle points to the fact that the Daily Source code doesn’t seem to get much mindshare anymore these days. His evidence is the fact that has lost traffic over the last few months according to alexaholic.

Adam Curry counters that he should check instead. However, Adam, that doesn’t work, because all you will get is the traffic for, which, by the way, doesn’t look like a very exciting curve either (here is a link comparing all three).

There are various forces at work here, I think. Most importantly, maybe, is the fact that was probably always more popular than That said, though, moving the comments and everything else to the horrible podshow plus interface sure hasn’t helped.

I used to read the comments on, but no ten horses will drag me over to so I can click my way over to the comments.

Phil makes some great points, though, even though Mr. Curry surely disagrees:

The stats show when was the go-to place for those who wanted to be involved with the genesis of podcasting, and now that the market has exploded and fragmented some of us have departed.

But I don’t here much/anything about him or on my feeds (which I just added to my sidebar using the cool Grazr – here is the OPML). Am I just tuned out or is podshow etc not getting meme action? Do more people consume podcasts these days and the market is fragmented all the down the long-tail… or is the market flattening?

If people consumed more podcasts, though, wouldn’t show that trend? Sure the market is more diverse now, but at the same time, similar to the blogosphere, wouldn’t the A-list get more traffic, too? Or maybe Adam Curry is not the A-list anymore?

Just like Phil, I used to listen to the DSC every single day. Then Adam started talking about Second Life all the time (for which I didn’t care) and I switched somewhere else. Honestly, I don’t think I missed anything. Too many times, you used to hear him talk about stuff he obviously didn’t know anything about, but I would let it slip and focus in on his talk about podcasting. I was getting annoyed by what seemed to be the forming of an ‘in’ clique of people who had sucked up enough, but I would let it slip. Now that I have stopped listening though, I have so much more time for podcasts that are actually driving the medium forward. The DSC is still the same. Where is the innovation Mr. Curry?

Note: I know that the alexa data is not always 100% accurate when it comes to hard numbers, but the trends seem to be quite accurate.

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