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22 August 2006 @ 7pm


A Response to Doc Searls

Doc Searls took some time to respond to my post on Nick Carr, so I thought it would only be right to take a moment to respond as well. -He was especially unhappy with my idea of considering A-listers “traffic cops.” I will be the first to admit that that was not a good metaphor to use. Here is Doc’s response:

For what it’s worth, I don’t consider my readers “traffic”. Nor do I consider my links to other blogs or sites a way of “directing” anything other than a reader’s interest.

If I thought of myself as a “traffic cop” of anything, much less the blogosphere, I’d hang it up.

And indeed, that’s what I should have called it. With “directing traffic”, I was referring more to directing attention than just moving people along, which I think is what the A-listers are doing and I don’t think Doc would agree with that.

Now Doc does not consider himself to be part of the A-List and I have to respectfully disagree with him there. His stats show that he has between 2500 and 10.000 hits per hour. To me, a small fry in the blogosphere, that’s a lot more than the 10 hits I often get per day. Also, the mindshare he has is far larger than the average blogger, which might also be due to being a regular on the Gillmor Gang.

I find it interesting, though, that everybody who is generally considered part of the A-List seems to deny this status. It almost seems like an American phenomenon to me, where everybody is middle-class and nobody wants to admit to being high-class (even when heading for their $6 Starbucks mocha in a Bentley on the way to a performance at Lincoln Center). Is there really a point in denying that there is an A-list? Do we have to deny that Dave Winer writes an influential blog? Or Mike Arrington? Or Doc Searls, for that matter? Why is it such a bad thing to point that out?

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