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18 February 2006 @ 8pm


Google: Please Don’t F&$K Up GMail

I love GMail just like the next geek, but there are some hints that google might seriously mess up one of its best products. Garett Rogers has discovered that and an answering machine feature are in the works for gmail.

» More code foreshadowing perhaps? | Googling Google |

While looking through the source code for Gmail last week, I found references to what is now known as “Gmail for your domain” — a service that will let domain owners use Google as a mail server, not just a client. Just when you thought everything had been discovered, a new version of the source was released — revealing even more features that could be showing up in the near future. Voicemail and integration are both referenced, but are not currently available to use.

I absolutely hate evite. Whenver I get an invite from somebody using it I just ignore the message. I just send people an email to tell them I will be there (or, more often, I will make a lame excuse for not going to the next boring party).

Some time ago, Goggle added an RSS reader feature to gmail that sucked so badly that I had turned it off in minutes. It was basically just another way to display ads. The GTalk feature is nice, but it isn’t very flexible and now I have to decide if I want to push my labels under the bottom of the screen or see my GTalk contacts (of which I have one). But I can live with it. But who the hell wants integrated into gmail? What’s the advantage of that?

I hope the voice mail function is just an email that gets delivered to me and comes already labeled as voice mail. Add a little flash player to play the voice mail and all is good. While they are at it – why not use that little player to play any mp3 that might come as an attachment? Maybe somebody could develop a new form to deliver podcasts with this?