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14 December 2005 @ 10pm


Structured Blogging

Structured Blogging Plugin for WordPress

Year: 2005


Platform: Other

Category: Publishing


Price: 0

Rating: 4 out of 5

Structured Blogging brings some new ideas into the blogging world. For the blogger, the plugins now available for WordPress and Movable Type basically bring with them new options when writing reviews, event lists, etc. Overall, I have found the way these are set up in WordPress very sensible. There is always an option to add images. I need to play with the audio setup a bit. I wonder how usefull this could be for podcasting.

Also interesting is the integration wtih which is poised to become the hub for structured blogging.

What is structured blogging? I am not sure yet, but I will keep you posted. It sure has something to do with using RSS in blogging in some novel manners to send out various streams of RSS feeds depending on your content. I will read up and post more on this later.

Update: I did find a bug when I was trying to add my account to this WordPress 2.0RC1 set-up. There was an issue with updating the database and I only got a page full of errors, so I am not sure I can really try this out at this point…

Update 2: Ed Batista of sums up what Structered Blogging is:

Salim noted that blogging tools made it easy for individuals to publish (unstructured) HTML on their own sites, for free, but in order to publish (structured) XML, you have to go to a site like eBay or Craigslist, hand over your content…and pay for the privilege–a startling contrast. So Structured Blogging seeks to do for XML what Blogger, WordPress and Six Apart did for HTML–give us all the ability to publish our own structured content, while maintaining ownership and without paying additional costs.

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