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1 November 2005 @ 10pm


Michael Arrington Likes Live

Michael Amington of TechCrunch fame has a pretty good review of :

Windows Live is a free, ad-supported AJAX virtual desktop. Most ofthe functionality could be seen in the Microsoft sandbox project calledStart, which we profiled a couple of months ago.

However,Microsoft has added plenty of new features that add a lot of vaue tothe product. Among them are email integration, a new instant messagingclient, and skype-like features that allow outgoing calls to normalPOTS phones. Windows Live is also extensible via “gadgets”.After what I saw today, I despair for many a silicon valley startup.Seriously.

I agree – there are a lot of little players in the same market right now. There is no way they can survive with the number of eyeballs Microsoft will be directing towards its site. Also, I think I rememeber seeing something on Channel9 about how and especially the gadgets will intigrate with the Windows Vista desktop. Cool stuff overall. Looking forward to it running on Firefox :)
What about google now? They have not marketed their personalized homepage very actively lately. Will they do so now?
As usual – the more competition, the better.
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