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31 October 2005 @ 2am


Blog Traffic Not Impacted by Technorati and Co.

Scoble has an interesting post on where blog traffic is coming from. I find it interesting that Technorati and the other blog search engines hardly drive traffic at all. Given how many of the new Web 2.0 startups are heavily invested in searching blogs, one has to wonder. It is encouraging, though, that this guy gets 25% of his traffic from other blogs and websites. So at least we know that the social aspect of blogging and linking (not attention , yet,I guess) does really work.

Inside Microsoft we have interesting discussions about our blogs. Today Michael Rys sent around his stats. 72.86% of his traffic (about 2500 visits today) came from search engines. 25.84% came from Web sites, including other blogs, .89% came from email. .41% came from news groups. Of the traffic that came from search engines, 94.56% came from Google. 2.49% came from Yahoo. 1.83% came from MSN Search. Does Google have a monopoly in search? I’ll let you answer that question, cause I’m not a lawyer.